Globtel Solutions company was established in Azerbaijan in 2010 by local investment .
We present Arvento GPS Tracking, Fleet Management and Thuraya Satellite solutions
Using service Arvento Fleet Management, you will save your time and expenses, will get convenient and fast access to management of your motor pool, will raise level of safety precautions and discipline of the personnel. Also you will learn the exact location and dozens of other functions about your vehicles.    
Thuraya mobile satellite communications in over 140 countries around the world, offers to You a congestion-free network that now covers most of the planet, encompassing Asia, Africa, Australia, the Middle East and Europe.

GLOBTEL  solutions Georgia entered the Georgian market in 2013, January and in this short period of time has become one of the serious player in the field.  

GLOBTEL solutions Georgia is the branch of  GLOBTEL Solutions (Baku, Azerbaijan) and is an official partner of  Turkish company Arvento.

Famous Brand Arvento  operates in 22 countries worldwide, including it’s exclusive partner in Georgia-GLOBTEL solutions Georgia.

By using Arvento Vehicle Tracking System, GLOBTEL solutions Georgia offers to the customers tracking  vehicles 24/7, via GPS satellites on digital maps and monitor their speeds, followed routes, stop locations and lots of other information about vehicles on-line.

The company's high qualified service makes it non-competitive in the market. This has been proved by the highly arising interest, which was followed afterwards GLOBTEL solutions Georgia entering in Georgian market.  Largest companies of Georgia have become clients of GLOBTEL solutions Georgia using our company’s services. 

GLOBTEL solutions Georgia also has current negotiations with some major companies too. Those, who appreciate time and modern technologies,.

For its customers GLOBTEL solutions Georgia can offers services listed:

Advanced, timely reports and notifications, such as start/stop, arrival/departure alarm, etc., provide companies with not only optimizing their fleet/vehicle performance but also minimizing the phone call traffic with the drivers on the field resulting in time and labor savings;

In addition to monitoring driving habits, companies can easily screen excess mileage and out-of business trips and improve their fuel economy;

Bad driving habits such as unnecessary engine idling, sudden acceleration and deceleration, as well as excessive speeding, may create wear and tear of the vehicles. By monitoring and curbing such habits, companies can reduce vehicle maintenance costs and save significantly on operational expenses;

It encourages compliance with the traffic rules and reduces the likelihood of non-compliant behavior by monitoring and reporting bad driving habits.  A notification is triggered by the system in case of an emergency or an accident; allowing clients to take immediate action to avoid any accidents or respond faster to accidents;

Modern equipment allows the company to get a 0% mistake daily, weekly and monthly reports automobiles the exact mileage driven, precision of movement and addresses;

In addition, you can pre-determine your vehicle's route and its infringement case to obtain relevant information instantly;

Arvento’s technology and hardware solutions are developed and customized to meet the specific needs of the companies. In addition to the standard vehicle tracking solutions such as web-based and desktop applications; PDA, BlackBerry, Nokia, iPhone (IOS), iPad (IOS), and Android applications are designed to assure device compatibility allowing for continuous monitoring of vehicles.

GLOBTEL Solutions Georgia-'s goal is providing customers with the most appropriate solution in the shortest time, possible through the authorized service and sales network in Georgia.