MARCH 09, 2016
The company GLOBTEL Solutions offers its customers the possibility to monitor their car park already abroad.

During one year the company was negotiating with various international GSM and M2M operators and has been testing the monitoring systems in different countries.
The systems was integrated by our programmers.

Paying the lowest tariffs, customers have an opportunity to see the location, speed, stopping, and mileage of their vehicle  at any time and anyplace in the world.
With the help of our GPS System and the “Two Way Communication Kit”, customers can contact with the driver already outside Azerbaijan and Georgia, to cut the communication expenses.

GLOBTEL Solutions Georgia ( entered the market in 2013. It is a subsidiary company of GLOBTEL Solutions Azerbaijan .

GPS Monitoring systems hold an important role in modern business management
The company, which owns a car park and wants to manage  it easily and conveniently, with less spending of human and financial resources, primarily applies to similar systems.
With the use of  GPS satellites, the physical or legal entity contractor of  GLOBTEL solutions, has full information about its company vehicles in real time.

Our GPS is a sophisticated  and a small size equipment, which is compactly fixed in the car, without any additional equipment and antennas. It has no impact on the vehicles electrical system.

You can Log in to the system via the website on the computer, so you can connect to it via your phone (Blackberry, iPhone, Android). For that you need to download an app and start tracking your vehicles location and get other important information

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