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GPS for construction

GPS for construction

GlobTel Solutions company provides GPS tracking and telematics services in Azerbaijan and Geraorgia.
The “Ready-Mixed Concrete Fleet Management GPS System” has been developed by Arvento specifically for construction and companies that transport ready-mixed concrete. Thanks to the GPS tracking system, companies transporting ready-mixed concrete every day to hundreds of areas can manage all their field operations from single center via the internet and without losing time.
Fleet Control and Management Through Internet
The GPS tracking system provides the companies involved in the transportation of ready-mixed concrete with the possibility of controlling and following their operations through the internet. All units used in field operations like vehicle fleets, pumps, production facilities, building sites and transported products are defined to the GPS tracking system and can be managed centrally.
Detailed Reporting For Each Operation
The GPS tracking systems allows you to obtain detailed reports about actual and past operations concerning all units of the operation;
• The time period for vehicles to reach each customer,
• Quantity of the transported material,
• Time employed for pouring,
• Percentage of fullness of the mixers,
• The time periods for vehicles to come back from a delivery,
• If the job is completed within the targeted time period,
• By means of driver recognition system the opportunity to know which driver is using a
certain vehicle,
• The speed, idling time, routes and arrival times of the transportation vehicles,
• Agreement and order information,
• Information like order pump plans can be checked and managed with this GPS system.
Who can use this system?
Construction and ready-mixed concrete companies can use this system.