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Public buses

Public buses

GlobTel Solutions is a leading provider of GPS tracking and telematics solutions in Azerbaijan.
Management of public buses and local public transportation vehicles by GPS tracking system and Telematics
Due to the GPS and Telematics system developed by Arvento, the daily movements, enter and exit times to the stations of the public transportation vehicles are followed and managed via internet. The GPS and Telematics system provides the increase of public transportation service quality and contributes to decrease the local traffic intensity.
How does the system work?
• The numbers of vehicles working locally, the routes of these vehicles, number of stations through the route, times of exit and entry to the stations, numbers of daily performed rings are defined to the GPS and Telematics system. Besides this defined information, user-dedicated time and vehicle sequence schemes are developed. Due to this information, all the movements of the vehicles can be followed as on-line by means od Telematics complex software.
• Information of every vehicle about station entry-exit times and delay times are daily reported by GPS and Telematics system. When requested, end-of-day summary report is taken including all the vehicles wich registered at the GPS and Telematics system. Due to these reports, the vehicles which are not obeying to the defined programme can be easily determined and necessary interventions and corrections can be done. Public buses and local public transportation vehicles management GPS and Telematics system provides efficient and beneficiary service with its solutions and at the same time, workmanship and fuel saving is gained.