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HelpfullWhat is a GPS monitoring (Global Positioning System)?

GPS monitoring system is a technological tool used to monitor and control all types of vehicles. GPS is a satellite system developed and operated by the United States. Its main purpose is defining the location and speed of the object anywhere in the world using a GPS device. Similar system operated by China called “BeiDou” and Russian GPS system called “GLONASS”. These three systems together are called GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite System).

In the modern world, GPS is widely used by government and commercial sectors. For example, companies have full control over own fleet, by installing a GPS device on their cars, construction equipment and other vehicles.

GPS monitoring can control the following parameters of the vehicle:

  1.  exact location
  2.  the speed of the vehicle
  3.  the vehicle mileage (distance traveled)
  4.  the behavior of the driver
  5.  car safety
  6.  engine oil
  7.  fuel control and consumption
  8.  tire pressure
  9.  temperature control in refrigerated vehicles and so on.  

Companies that use GPS monitoring firstfull care about safety of their vehicles and save fuel and other resources. According to the GlobTel researches, any organization will be able to recoup the cost of the GPS equipment for 2-3 months. Saving means fuel consumption and unnecessary use of the car during operation. According to statistics, every month 25-30% of vehicles used with not business purpose.

At the same time, GPS monitoring can be used not only in automobiles, but for children and adults. Using a GPS device, you'll know exact location of your child.

There is a small GPS device that can be worn in a child's bag, and a parent with special GPS software, on the phone, tablet or computer can accurately determine where the child is.

The installation process of GPS device takes 10-15 minutes and can be tracked at the GPS software immediately after installation is complete. The process of GPS installation / assembly is carried out by trained professionals of GlobTel GPS abroad. After configuring of the GPS tracking the operating of system is fully guaranteed.

GPS services, vehicle tracking, fleet management, GPS monitoring and various types of telematics solutions are presented in Azerbaijan Republic by GlobTel GPS more than 11 years. Various types of GPS monitoring devices, temperature sensor, fuelsensor, emergency sensor, two-way communicationsensor, telematics sensors are available from GlobTel on reasonable terms and prices. All types of GPS devices provided by GlobTel comply with international standards and are products of world famous GPS manufacturers. All GPS devices are fully protected and with warranty.

The listed GPS services and trackers can be purchased both in Baku and in all regions of Azerbaijan and Georgia only at GlobTel company.

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