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GPS vehicles tracking

GPS vehicles tracking

GlobTel Solutions company offers GPS tracking services in Azerbaijan with all Telematics functions.
The GPS Tracking System is an advanced technology system developed by Arvento for all companies who receive or offer services. Arvento mobile data devices or GPS device installed in the service vehicles and GPS satellites provide the necessary data for the tracking and control of all the movements of the vehicles within the service hours by the related persons and units. All assigned personnel can track and check the service vehicles wherever they connect to the internet by GPS tracking system.
Real Time GPS Tracking via the Internet
With this GPS system, information such as the departure times of the vehicles, pick-up times and locations of the passengers, arrival times of the passengers to work-school-home, locations and durations of stopovers can be seen immediately.
Registered users of the GPS system can track the service vehicles in detail through vectorial maps as well as satellite maps. For example, the parents of the students traveling in the service vehicle can track their kids’ vehicle on the Internet by means of GPS tracking system, using the passwords they were given.
Immediate Speed Limit Control
In case the vehicle exceeds the speed limits introduced in advance to the vehicle, the GPS tracking system automatically sends an alarm to the concerned people and the service company. In this way the driver can be warned immediately.
The service vehicles’ itineraries can be introduced to the GPS tracking system, thus providing the opportunity of choosing the shortest and most accurate route.
If necessary, as the vehicle approaches, the GPS tracking system sends an SMS message or push notification to the home device of the passenger thus providing the opportunity to be outside at the moment it arrives, also preventing long waits.
A Safe and Traffic-Friendly Transport Service
Besides ensuring life safety, the GPS system provides the companies either providing or receiving the service with important data concerning the performance assessment of the service companies and the vehicles’ mileage information.
Who Can Use This System?
The GPS tracking system can be used by all schools, private companies, public institutions and the service companies.