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  • 03.06.2020

The benefits of GPS monitoring and telematics (IoT) services offered online by Globtel Solutions

The encircled world pandemic of the coronavirus in the root has changed the habitual life, translating practically all spheres of activity from the offline mode online, so that at this moment there is an optimally true and correct decision, as a result, I agree.
The complicated situation has shown even greater importance and need for online technology in today's world, and the current stage of modern history without exaggeration can be called the time of online technologies, which, in turn, are the leading companies in the world. - Internet of Things) provider of the country, read more about the activity of the material in the material.
Globtel Solutions has changed the look of the usual GPS (Global Positioning System) monitoring, which each of us knows not the first year and uses almost daily. Thanks to its professional approach to this area of ​​business, as well as highly qualified staff, Globtel Solution has turned from a GPS provider into a leading IoT provider in Azerbaijan, which offers a comprehensive GPS-compliant network.
The GPS system provides measurement of distance, time, fuel consumption and determines the location of this or that object and the speed of its movement thanks to the satellite system. Talking about this system, it should be noted and GPS monitoring - it is a universal and convenient complex of software security control for the location and condition of transport, as well as for other objects: people, equipment, cargo. Its main task is to optimize the work associated with transportation and transport as a whole.
The details of the modern approach to the provision of GPS monitoring, IoT services, as well as the fleet management system (Fleet Management Services - FMS) Globtel Solutions is a complete online approach to each client.
In particular, we emphasize that the full range of GPS monitoring services, starting from the procurement process, the conclusion of the contract before installation and payment, is available in Globtel Solutions in full online mode. This will not only save you precious time, but also save you from leaving home and contacts with people, which in the conditions of a pandemic is a very important factor.