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The infrastructure of the Arvento Control and Information Center consists of the equipment and software necessary for the continuous and reliable operation of systems such as server software, a database, the Internet, and advanced security systems.
The information sent from Arvento mobile monitoring devices is collected in a database on Arvento servers running 7 days a week and 24 hours a day. Arvento servers transmit this information to connected users within the framework of competency levels and security settings via the Internet on-line.
Thuraya IP is the next generation of design and performance. This ultra-light and compact satellite modem is the smallest and most reliable modem in the world, capable of providing speeds of 444 kbps.
Sending email, receiving and providing you access to the corporate network anywhere in the world. Portable, fast and easy to use, Thuraya IP is a powerful satellite IP modem with the ability to change lifestyle and work.
Thuraya's IP modem, designed to exchange information over high-speed broadband channels, is known as the first mobile satellite solution to support 384 kbps streaming. Operating on the convenient principle of “always in touch”, the terminal covers more than 140 countries in Asia, Australia, Africa, Central and Eastern Europe and ensures reliable transmission and reception of such information in the most remote areas.
TCP Accelerator Software The data you send or receive can be more stable and optimized with the new Thuraya IP Upgrade. TCP Accelerator has the ability to increase the throughput of IP transmission devices on broadband trunk lines up to 80%.