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THURAYA "Marine"

Thuraya Marine provides high-performance, trouble-free satellite communications for all types of vessels sailing in the Thuraya area. To keep in touch with your critical call, family or friends, Thuraya Marine keeps in touch with you.
Providing access to communications when needed, Thuraya Marine allows you to connect from anywhere in the sea, taking advantage of advanced technology. Thuraya Marine combines quality and performance. This is a communication solution without boundaries.
The reliability and security of the Thuraya satellite network, which covers more than 140 countries in Asia, Africa, Central and Eastern Europe, is undeniable for making timely decisions and obtaining all the necessary information.
The compact Thuraya Marine terminal allows you to stay in touch on all types of vessels with a wide range of communication solutions and software. Through Thuraya Marine you can receive voice calls, receive and send data, connect to the Internet or send SMS, fax and email.