Secure Drive Control System provides effective operation management solutions in which secure drive is a basis. The companies who want to manage their vehicle fleet can make on-line operation management from a single center by courtesy of the system.
• Speed limits, driver information, routes which should be followed by the vehicles and regions are defined to the system. Daily vehicle maintenance and control schemes are developed by the users. Thus all the units of the operation can be managed by controlling.

• Speed limits can be defined in various types to the system such as main road, urban and suburban roads. In case the drivers exceed the defined speed limits, an audible warning system starts to operate within the vehicle due to the special hardware added into the vehicle. The audible warning continues to operate till the speed is below the defined speed

• There is a special “driver identification unit card” for every driver in the system. The identification card should be inserted into the vehicle sensor for which the driver is responsible. In case this process is not performed, the system engages the audible warning system in order to warn the driver.

• In case the drivers drive the vehicles out of the regions and time periods defined in the system, the managers are warned by a warning message about the matter.

• The drivers who have completed the driving and traffic trainings within the company and gained their certificates can drive the vehicles. In case any of the vehicles is driven by a driver who have not completed this training period, the system sends a warning to the managers.

• The driver-based detailed reports, driving violations, daily vehicle maintenance and control schedules can be prepared currently and retroactively. This information is forwarded to the managers and drivers by automatically e-mail service.

Secure Drive Control System provides effective operation management solutions for the vehicle fleet in the field. The system saves fuel, time and workmanship and on the other hand it performs an important time management in terms of traffic safety and life safety with its secure driving methods.

“Conscious drivers, secure traffic, profitable operation management.”

Due to the system, in case of an accident, the speed and time graphics within the last 1 minute of the accident can be reported.

Information such as the traffic insurances of the vehicles, end dates of the car insurances, examination dates etc. can be entered per vehicle and reminders with specific periods before the time..

Due to their interfaces, the customers can manage their fleets completely and effectively and they are recovered from unnecessary expenses arising from forgetfulness or possible negligence’s.