Temprature Control and Inspection System

The “The Temprature Control and Inspection System” has been developed by Arvento for all sectors where temprature control , and management is vital. Thanks to the system, companies can immediately check the temprature values of theirfrigorific vehicles, cold storage areas, and production facilities through the internet. The system allows the companies to manage all their operations from single center.


To Check Temprature Values Through Internet


Through the heat sensors added to Arvento devices placed in frigorific vehicles, cold storage areas, and production facilities the temprature levels in these areas can be followed instantly via the internet.


Actual and Retrospective Reporting

Potential critical temprature variations are sent immediately to related person who described in the system in the form of alarm messages through both the program and SMS. This feauture of the program provides taking neccesary precautions for the problems caused by sudden  and critiacal temprature variations.


This information is received in the form of current and retroactive reports. The real information about the prodctuvity of the opartions may be obtained by monitoring detailed statistical information related with the worknig systems, of the vehicles, storage, and production facilities by means of daily and monthly reporting.


Operations Management From a Single Center

The system allows the gathering of the operational information about wether frigorific vehicles are following the determined delivery routes, wether they reach their destination on time, the driver of each vehicle, wether they obey the speed limits defined in the system, idle time periods and locations, as well as the inspection of the temprature values.


Who Can Use This System?

The system is suitable for all sectors in which temprature control and management is vital. Especially companies who produce and distribute ice-cream, milk ,poultry, eggs, take-home foods etc… can use the “Temprature Control and Inspection System” .